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Fate Zero Cosplay Compilation by hainrihi
Fate Zero Cosplay Compilation

I wanted to compile all our Fate/Zero cosplayers in one poster, so here it is. I did it in Canva. Wow, it was tiring, but I like the result. :D

Marc as Kiritsugu 
Erin as Irisviel 
Pero as Tokiomi 
Jade as Gilgamesh 
Gerald as Kirei 
Gray as Assassin 
Lia as Waver 
Tino as Rider 
Ryan as Kayneth 
Nin as Lancer 
Jeco as Ryuunosuke 
Dang as Caster 
Kat as Kariya 
Arnel as Berserker 
Nicole as Sakura 
Yohan as Ilyasviel & Rin
Tifa as Sola 
Nami as Aoi

Photos by:
Peppy Atilas
Niko Cruz
Jovi Heartilly
Dang Ching
Lian Tablan



hainrihi's Profile Picture
Writer | Cosplayer | Frustrated Artist | Animal-lover
To better organize my thoughts, I've decided to put my cosplay, anime, photo and other visual stuff here.

I'm not an artist, though I am a frustrated one. But because of being a frustrated artist, I have always loved everything that involves art---such as films, museums, artwork, etc.

But to make up for not being an artist, I am a writer who likes to write on almost anything that comes to mind. This means I love to talk and voice out my thoughts in any topic. For me, writing is also considered an art because you need a lot of focus when you write.

I love anime, video games and reading, which are what I do in my free time. In terms of cosplay, I have been interested in it since 2001, though I just cosplayed recently due to the lack of funds and time before.

My first cosplay is Yachiru Kusajishi from Bleach, which I realized was quite fun. Cosplay for me is giving a tribute to your favorite characters and showing everyone how much you love them.

So that's all about me. It's getting long already, so I should stop now. That's the sickness of a writer....:p
Sorry for not writing an entry here, though I have been updating my gallery, with our Legend of Korra shoot as the latest.  Finally did Asami! She is one of my favorite BAMF character in LoK and cosplaying her was super fun.  I still lack some action poses, but I promise to do that next year when we do the photoshoot again...this time with the complete Team Avatar and some other characters. :D

Still have 4 more cosplays before 2012 ends.  The 2 will be with friends for November and December respectively on a photoshoot, while the other 2 are sort of surprises for my bf---and will be done in a photoshoot too.  The character is also one of my favorite female characters and I can't wait to cosplay her even though it's just in a photoshoot.  (I don't want to cosplay her in cons because...well, good luck) XD

Busy with work too since despite the holiday here in the country, I have work.  hahahah, that's how graveyard shift schedule is XD

All in all, that's it for now.


  • Listening to: Magic 89.9
  • Reading: Game of Thrones Book 1
  • Watching: Modern Family
  • Playing: None so far
  • Eating: Candies
  • Drinking: Iced Tea

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